Growing Potential

An emerging global leader in plant health innovation, FBSciences is a bioscience company focused on growth enhancement technologies for agricultural and horticultural crops.

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The benefits of positive plant health start when your crop gets the most out of your fertilizer. Unlike other nutrient enhancement technologies that work in the soil, FBSciences fertilizer technology works inside the plant to rapidly take up and utilize nutrients. ONLY FBSciences improves the efficiency of ALL NUTRIENTS in ALL FORMS, for improved yields and quality.

Our fertilizer technology is versatile and may be used with any cropping system. With no known compatibility issues, it can be added to both dry and liquid fertilizers as well as crop protection products. The unique properties that make our technology so easy to use, also allow it to be effective on crops grown around the world.

We understand the agrarian challenges facing today’s farmers and that’s why we ensure our products are not only highly innovative, but also highly effective.  FBSciences is committed to improving plant health for efficiency, productivity and overall profitability of farmers around the world.


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