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Potatoes – Transit Evo for Bigger Yields

May 3rd, 2016

By: Ken Day

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As you know, with potatoes it’s all about developing and maintaining the health of the primary root system in order to take up the nutrients required by the crop as it begins to set and size. Healthier Roots = Higher Yields. 

I recommend 8-12 oz/acre of Transit Evo at or near hooking to promote strong root growth and a healthier potato plant. Don’t forget to include Calron-S with 9% Ca and 3% N 3 to 4 quarts per acre (to improve internal quality and insure top dollar for your Potatoes). 

Independent research conducted by OSU and BYU have shown significant yield increases (+6-12%) when Transit Evo was applied.

Check out the links for research details.  

OSU Research

Hopkins/BYU Research 


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