Fertilizer Efficiency & Plant Health with Carbon Boost®


Carbon Boost® is the only product that improves the efficiency of all nutrients in all forms so your crop works, as hard as you do.

The benefits of positive plant health start when your crop gets the most out of your fertilizer. Unlike other nutrient enhancement products that work in the soil, Carbon Boost works inside the plant to rapidly take up and utilize nutrients.

NUE Chart


Only Carbon Boost improves the efficiency of 

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium as well as 
  • All Secondary & Micronutrients
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Research | Carbon Boost®-S On Field Corn

Since 2007, we have conducted numerous randomized, replicated field trials conducted by independent, third party researchers as well as field demonstration trials in locations around the world using Carbon Boost.

Despite the variety of locations, Carbon Boost has demonstrated significant yield increases on field crops, row crops and permanent crops in dryland and irrigated conditions. These trials show crops treated with Carbon Boost produce higher yields regardless of whether it is field corn, tomatoes or wine grapes. We have conducted over 100 trials on field corn with an 11 bushel per acre average yield increase (+8%). Independent research on tomatoes has produced 27% higher yields on average and field trials conducted on wine grapes resulted in 30% higher yield (with no reduction in brix, pH or titratable acid). 

Click here to see more research on Carbon Boost.

Application Rates & Methods

In Furrow or Pop-Up Fertilizers: Mix 6-8 ounces per acre of Carbon Boost with on-the-seed applied fertilzers.

Dry Granular Fertilizers: Coat 1-4 quarts per acre of Carbon Boost onto each ton of dry fertilizr, depending on the final rate of application of fertilizer to the field. The final applied fertilizer should carry 8-12 ounces per acre of Carbon Boost to the soil.

Banded Fertilizers: Mix a total of 8-12 ounces per acre of Carbon Boost with under-the-seed or side dress banded liquid fertilizers, depending on rates.  Higher rates of fertilizer require the higher label rates of Carbon Boost.

Broadcast Liquid Fertilizers: Mix 8-12 ounces per acre with chemical applications or suspensions.

Irrigation Systems: Can be applied at 8-12 ounces per acre by itself or mixed with fertilizer.

Foliar Appliations: Apply 6-12 ounces any time during growing season. 


Carbon Boost is compatible with most NPK fertilizers regardless of pH.  It is also compatible with most fertilizers that contain major and micronutrients.  However, a standard jar test is always recommended before tank mixing.