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Products That Enhance Nutrient Use Efficiency

The core of any bioscience company is its research and development department. This is especially true as the agriculture industry experiences fundamental changes. Our Research & Development team helps us remain innovative and allows us to offer new nutrient efficiency technologies that aid formulators, retailers and growers.

Just as important as our people’s experience, is our philosophy of developing our sustainable technologies based on solid scientific principles. New products and technologies are designed and formulated by experienced and qualified professionals under rigorous laboratory procedures. Only the best are advanced to testing in practical and applied scientific field trials.

We have conducted over 400 randomized, replicated trials with university and independent researchers and over 1000 grower demonstration trials on 53 different crops on 6 continents around the world. Studies we have performed on our products include efficacy, crop yield, nutritional content, quality, crop stress management, germination, chlorophyll content, emergence, phytotoxicity, vigor, nutrient delivery and fertilizer efficiency.  In addition, our team makes sure our products are compatibility tested with common and expected tank mixes to ensure they are safe for the end user.

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